Who am I?

Charles S. Johnson, Jr. is Professor of Chemistry Emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has authored approximately 150 research papers as well as books on laser light scattering and quantum mechanics. His interest in photography goes back to the 1950's when he started documenting his high school and hometown and doing freelance work with a Rolleicord III and a Zeiss Ikonta 35. However, for many years his career in science left little time for serious photography. Now in addition to enjoying nature and travel photography as a hobby, he is making use of his science background to write about the science behind photography. His book “Science for the Curious Photographer” was published in 2010. It deals with fundamental questions such as the behavior of light, how lenses work, sensors versus the human eye, our perception of color, and the art of composition. He is also presenting some of this material in essays on timely topics in digital photography. The book and the essays are, of course, aimed at those individuals who enjoy understanding how things work.

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You can reach me via email via csjj36 at earthlink.net

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