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Science for the Curious Photographer, 2nd Edition: An error has been reported.

Dr. Jurian Hoogewerff of the University of Canberra reported to me an error in chapter 5.  In the first line after Eq. 5.2, 500 mm should be 500 nm.  This error did not occur in the first edition.  There is a special problem with equations and symbols because they do not transfer correctly along with the text to the software used by publishers.  Therefore, there are many changes to be made and many chances for error.  Unfortunately, I did not catch this error.

There are sure to be other errors in a book of this size and complexity.  I encourage readers to report other suspected errors to me.  This will be helpful for a possible second printing.


Johnson, Jr., C.S., Science for the Curious Photographer, 2nd Ed., New York: Routledge.


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