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News about Science for the Curious Photographer (SCP)

I was not able to reach a satisfactory agreement about a second edition of SCP with CRC Press. I had hoped for an updated and expanded second edition with improved images and a lower price. In discussions with CRC and Focal Press, also a part of Taylor and Francis Group; I was told that, given the type of market this book is designed for, the price would have to be increased and my royalty would have to be cut. Publishing rights have now been returned to me for both printed and electronic editions while CRC retains nonexclusive rights for the pdf eBook version of the first edition.

I am currently working on a second edition of SCP that I will make available through photophys.com as I did with the first edition prior to selling the publication rights to A.K. Peters, Ltd. in 2010. The science has, of course, not changed; but I am updating all the chapters and adding new material where appropriate. There have been incremental changes in the world of photography each year, but in five years the impact has been considerable.

In the electronic edition I will be able to display larger images and will have space for more detailed discussions. I understand the need for more emphasis on post processing, image storage, and database management. I also to plan add new appendices and perhaps remove some old material. Expect more discussion of the eye/mind system and perceptions of reality including illusions.

Is it time to remove material about film photography since most film production has been discontinued? What about the science of film photography and the history of Kodachrome? I enjoy the historic material, but perhaps it gets in the way for some people. What do you think?

Update:  It now appears that I will have a publisher for the second edition.  There are advantages to having paper copies and a good distribution system.  Unfortunately, the price will be higher.  Stay tuned.


Charles - I would be enjoy a chapter - on film including Kodachrome (I shot less of that), E6 process (tons of that), even C41. Worst case you create a short historical section at the start of the book to remind us what grain etc. was before digital. Then add more details in an appendix for interested people like me.

Please put me on the list of people you contact when your book comes out.


Posted by Mark Levison on March 05, 2016 at 11:32 AM EST #

Thanks for your comment. I will keep it in mind. You can check on progress on the revision on photophys.com.

Posted by Charles on March 08, 2016 at 02:01 PM EST #

I would love a second edition! I am a science teacher at a micro school in Lexington, KY and would love to use your book in class, but unfortunately I cannot afford it.
Please keep all the science of film photography, my students are interested in learning about it!

Posted by masa welch on March 17, 2016 at 12:15 PM EDT #

I plan to keep the price down so that more people will be able to use the eBook.

Thanks for the comments about film. There seems to be more interest than I thought.

Posted by Charles on March 17, 2016 at 09:24 PM EDT #

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